Our Story

BDGroup specializes in lending support to small and medium enterprises which are looking to expand or grow their business in Romania.

Rooted in the first project implemented in Romania by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs Program for Co-operation with Emerging Markets (1994-1997), BDGroup initially focused on projects that supported local development in one of the traditional mining regions of Romania. Our first projects included outsourcing production for the textile and metal sectors, dairy and mushroom farming, the reuse of fly ash, and water management in small communities.

In 2004 we became trustful partners of various governmental agencies and professional associations in Romania, the Netherlands, the USA, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Spain. By joining a network of SMEs in our region we became providers of one-stop-shop package of integrated services to international clients expanding their business to South-Eastern Europe.

After Romania’s accession to the EU in 2007, we took an active role in country’s transition towards integration. We were involved in adjusting the national legal and institutional framework such that it could accommodate both increased private initiatives, as well as business development. BDGroup has facilitated ties between local companies and EU partners, and contributed to transposing relevant legislation in a wide variety of projects. Whether it is adaptation to climate change, energy efficiency in buildings, waste and water management, smart regulation or regional development, we have always found innovative ways of bridging the gap between foreign and local stakeholders.

From 2010, along with our continued dedication to offering business-to-business support, we have also participated in European consortia under various EU programs. Our goal, as members of these projects, is to promote innovation, and encourage the market uptake of scientific research results.

Nearing the end of our third decade, we are continuously searching for creative ways to fuel economic growth. From our early involvement in outsourcing production for private investors, to our current involvement in large-scale projects, our commitment to creativity and innovation has remained of the highest importance as we continue to look for exciting opportunities.


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